Yoga and Surf Retreats – A Life Affirming Experience

Creating the perfect adventure is like surfing ocean waves. It requires careful planning, adequate gear, the right conditions, and a bit of providence. Deepening your connection to your body and spirit through yoga is also like exploring the ocean. There are times of ease where you seem to be carried by a force greater than yourself, and times when you might feel like you are getting pulled under by the intensity of the waves.

Yoga Surf RetreatBoth yoga and surfing require dedication, body awareness, consistency, and surrender. They both cultivate a deeper connection to one’s essence and the elements. In fact, the way that yoga increases mental focus, calm, core strength, shoulder opening, deep breathing, and present moment awareness all make for safer and more efficient surfing, and surfing is a great way to apply the principles of yoga in a real-world application. It is only natural to combine these two powerful practices into one life-affirming experience.

Yoga and Surfing Retreats provide an opportunity to explore the places where our physical/spiritual practices and the primal art of riding the wild ocean meet. They offer the relaxation options of other holistic retreats, with comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, nature expeditions, and complimentary services, combined with plenty of guidance and time to connect deeply with the ocean. The yoga classes taught on these retreats are usually offered by surfing enthusiasts who tailor the classes to be particularly appropriate for surfers. Knowledgeable yoga and surfing instructors offer the instruction and supervision necessary to enable you to ride the waves with more safety and grace.

There are Yoga and Surfing Retreats for all levels of surfers and yogis, from newbie to advanced. Just be sure to pick one of the many retreats that suits your skill and experience level. Most retreats provide all the equipment you will need, though it is a good idea to confirm that before you book it.

Yoga and Surfing Retreats are offered year round in coastal locations all over the world, wherever (and whenever) water and wind conditions permit. There are weeklong programs offered in Morocco, renowned for its year round glorious weather. A Mother and Daughter Yoga and Surf Retreat in Costa Rica might be the perfect way to bring your family closer together. And if you are more interested in the yoga but want to enjoy the option of surfing on a few of your days, many yoga retreats in coastal locations offer surfing as an add-on experience, such as at Ocean Yoga on the Costa de la Luz in Spain.

If you are passionate about your spiritual practice and love the feeling of riding the ocean, a Yoga and Surfing Retreat might be the perfect gift for yourself. A travel adventure that combines those two joy-inducing activities may be just what you need to feel rejuvenated and even more excited about life.

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