Yoga Teacher Training – Not What You Might Think

When most people think of a yoga teacher training, they imagine that they will learn everything necessary to become a knowledgeable, successful teacher in a few weeks of study. And while a Yoga Teacher Training course (YTTC) will help you learn a great deal, it may not be what you might expect.

Yoga Teacher TrainingAttending a YTTC is the beginning of a grand journey. First, there is the literal adventure of traveling to wherever the training is held, and all that goes with living in a retreat environment for several weeks. Then there is the effort required to study anatomy, philosophy, asanas, meditation, teaching methodology, the Sanskrit language, and the chakras. But the deeper and perhaps more transformational work of exploring yoga is how it changes you from the inside out.

Immersing yourself in a daily practice, committing to the challenging task of keeping your mind focused on exploring the wisdom of yoga, may change you in radical ways. Many teachers have called a dedicated yoga practice a kind of fire, because it burns away our false ideas of what we believe to be true about our lives and ourselves. This fire helps us create a deeper connection to our true essence, beyond our stories and fears. But we must get cooked a little along the way.

As you deepen your understanding of yoga, your own body and mind become the laboratory that you use to experiment with what you learn. This is what, eventually, makes a great yoga teacher. Great teachers have explored and embodied the wisdom of yoga through many years of persevering practice combined with non-attachment. It takes several years of dedicated work to become a great teacher. It is important that you understand that going in to a training. It will help you be easier on yourself when you face challenges. This understanding will help you keep going when you realize how hardened your mind has become and how tenaciously your ego resists change. And persevere you must. Not just to become a great teacher, but to become great at life.

The word “yoga” literally means “to yoke, to bring together.” It is the science of uniting body, mind, and spirit. In the process of learning how to help others experience this unity, we must work for it within ourselves. Yoga teacher trainings change us because once you step onto the path of yoga, there is no turning back. Once you begin to explore the alignment of your body, the flow of your breath, the clarity of your mind, and the vastness of your spirit – and how those parts all come together – you will have a thirst for self-discovery.

This desire for deeper levels of understanding may propel you to make radical shifts in your perspective of life. You may eventually become a phenomenal yoga teacher, but that is not why you should take a yoga teacher training. Attend a YTTC because you want to move closer to the center of your soul.

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